Raising World Changers

Your Guide for Biblical Motherhood and Parenting on Purpose

Dear Mom,

I see you and I know you want to live into your calling of biblical motherhood. You want to be a great Christian mom, but by the time you get home from work, you’re tired and the couch and remote are calling your name.

It seems there is no time to raise world changers...seriously, you can barely fit in the time to take shower.

Guess what. There is time. Today is the day to give your cares to the Lord and start taking practical steps forward.



Raising World Changers

This is for you, if you want to:

be supermom, but you don’t have the time to come up with a plan
foster a love for God in your children’s heart
pray more, and to raise children who pray
parent on purpose, and not just wing it
have real conversations with your children


Together, let’s discover how to:

Parent intentionally
Speak to our kids in a way that they actually listen
Unlock the secret of getting our kids to talk to us
Teach our children to pray
Create a love in our children’s heart for God’s word (and in less than 8 minutes a day!)

What to expect with Raising World Changers

Raising World Changers is a guide and workbook for biblical motherhood and parenting on purpose.

You’ll discover the secret to getting your kids to talk to you. Discover tools to teach your children to pray and create a love in your children’s hearts for God’s Word (in less than 8 minutes a day!).

And best of all, these resources are convenient! Carry them with you on an app and access them at your convenience throughout the day.

Together, let’s discover what it means to parent intentionally.


Raising World Changers includes a downloadable workbook with resources to build up your family and raise godly kids.

Workbook includes:

  • Date night ideas
  • Prayer prompts for kids
  • Questions to ask your children
  • Actionable ways to display the 5 love languages
  • A prayer calendar
  • And more!

Lesson Outline

All these lesson are made with moms in mind! Easily accessed on an app, you can listen and watch from your phone, computer, or tablet!

  1. Building Your Marriage. Creating a solid foundation for your kids begins with building a strong marriage.
  2. How to Cover Your Home in Prayer. This guide for home prayers includes instructions on how to create your own prayer war room
  3. Choosing Discipleship Over Discipline. This soul-searching lesson explores the reason you’re disciplining your kids. You won’t look at discipline the same way after this encouraging (and challenging) lesson
  4. Teaching Your kids how to pray. Helping your children hear God’s voice so they can make an impact on the children around them is an important part of parenting. Ashley shares intimate stories of her own two boys reaching out to hurting children in kindergarten because God spoke to their hearts
  5. How to Talk So Your Kids Will Listen. Discover how to effectively use the five love languages in encouraging your child to open up to you. Included is a list of words every child longs to hear.
  6. How to Get Your Kids to Talk to You. Learn how to get your kids to talk to you about the important stuff and the not-so-important stuff in their lives.
  7. Includes the Hidden in My Heart Program for Kids