Faith Food Freedom

Say Goodbye to Emotional Eating and Say Hello to FREEDOM with Food


  • Catch a glance of yourself in the mirror and smile because you actually like the way you look
  • Go shopping for clothes and have fun and really feel proud of your size
  • Take a vacation with your family and feel comfortable and confident with yourself so that you can focus on making memories and having FUN with them
  • Discover your favorite foods and cook beautiful meals for your family to eat together and enjoy without any guilt
  • Feel so fulfilled on the inside that you no longer need to fill yourself with food
  • Show God how grateful and receiving of His love you are by how you treat your body
  • Healing the disconnect, the frustration and even anger you have with your body and feeling faith-filled and FINALLY FREE


I know where you are right now...

  • You're tired to cooking one meal for your family while you eat steamed chicken and boring broccoli
  • You can't enjoy a vacation because you're worried about the calories that are in everything
  • You're living in a state of shame because of the cycle of eating and bingeing and dieting
  • You're feeling drained, empty and numb, and food just makes it worse
  • You have doubts that you're even a Christian because of how much you struggle with food
  • You feel controlled by food and helpless to say no to cravings
  • You feel frustrated because people around you seem to be sabotaging your efforts to get healthy
  • You even feel angry with God for not answering your prayers to free you from this

I understand exactly how you feel...

I wasted years jumping from diet to diet, only to find that nothing worked. With each passing diet, I lost more confidence in my self and lost more hope that I could ever be comfortable in my own skin.

This program isn’t meant to put a one-size-fits-all set of rules onto everyone. Instead, it’s about trusting the way God made your unique body.


The easy and practical tools I used to let go of faulty thinking about food, body and diets

Being at peace with your body, loving yourself and feel PROUD

Having more energy and motivation to have the life you've always wanted

A healthier and happier family

Raising children without food or body image issues

Finally finding a "soulmate workout" that you love to do and works best for your specific body type

Unlearning everything you were "taught" about food and your body and living completely different for the rest of your life

Meet Ashley

Ashley Varner
Ashley Varner
Welcome! I’m a Christian Life Coach and speaker. I’m dedicated to helping you transform your mindset, set goals you’ll actually meet, and grow your confidence. It all starts with Renewing Your Mind.



You are tired of jumping from diet to diet without seeing results

You want a program that is designed for YOU

You dream of a life that doesn’t revolve around food

You’re ready to bring the Lord into your health!


You want a one-size-fits-all program

You want overnight results by eating grapefruits and spending tons on supplements

You aren't interested in the spiritual side of weight loss and health

You like the idea of going at it alone

"Ashley's sweet personality drives you to push harder in reaching the goals that YOU have. On top of being a great coach for my health she feeds my spirit. With her many devotionals and encouraging words I feel stronger, not only physically but spiritually. In return, my mind is focused and ready for the many hurdles this life hands us. If you're considering her as a coach it would be totally worth it!"

- Amy

Real women. Real results.


So...what's included?

Each week, you'll receive video lessons to go through at your own pace.

Worksheets to put the steps you learn into action.

Email access to Ashley each week to help you over your individual hurdles and to celebrate your victories!

"When Ashley started coaching me I was desperate to lose weight, get healthy and like myself! Since then I have stopped dieting, started a new relationship with food and invited Jesus into my health journey. Ashley's direction, encouragement, compassion, and acceptance have paved the way for me to start looking at myself differently, and to thank God (multiple times a day) for the way that He created me. It is Ashley's transparency and insight into her own struggles along the way that have given me the courage to confront my own faulty beliefs. Ashley's support and belief in me is a vital part of my health journey and I am so grateful for her!"

- Tansey

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